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First Weekend of The Spring!
2015-03-23 12:25:58
Albany High School Spring Fling Dance, Opening Day Oakland Babe Ruth!
Graduating, Kids Growing Up and Helping Others With Vemma
2014-06-16 13:09:32
My Kids Graduated from Elementary School and Middle School and I helped a lady with bad health by introducing her to Vemma!
Vemma Business and Kids Growing Up
2014-06-11 12:27:10
Vemma Business Growing and so are my kids!
Friday Whats on my Mind besides Vemma?
2014-06-06 19:49:38
Got a call yesterday from the blog, Vemma is saving lifes, looking forward to the weekend.
Out of Shape on a Beautiful Tuesday
2014-05-13 13:45:25
Ran this morning, really out of shape, the weather is beautiful and my Verve is thawing out!
Happy Friday #Verve and #VemmaRenew
2014-05-09 19:56:08
It's Friday, I had a #Verve and #VemmaRenew Today!
Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood
2014-04-30 18:39:40
Spent time in the old neighborhood yesterday, amazed at the entrepreneur spirit, must get opportunities to the community!
Monday Morning Wake up Call and The Value of Our Time and Life
2014-04-28 12:47:08
Today is Monday and I am really reflecting on life! Challenging times, the value of our time here on earth, and handling constructive critisicm!
Wet Friday; Network Marketing and Verve
2014-04-25 13:18:36
Its Raining outside, I have some work to do and I am getting ready to drink this Ice cold Verve!
Good Friday Verve and Marketing on Facebook!
2014-04-18 14:01:00
Today is Good Friday, I am getting ready to drink this Verve and I have been marketing on FB all wrong!




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